Want to be your own Hero. Or Heroe or Heroine?


First thing you should know is that I actually debated calling this enterprise Hero. It sounded too masculine, and I didn't think Heroine necessarily gave the right first impression. My idea of recreating the spelling to 'Heroe' so as to make it non gender specific, bombed in my research.

I'm acutely aware a lot of my ideas fail and not everything will work.

However, in a resilient and, where is the learning in that kind of way, I realised that, its my mission to help enable individuals to be their own Hero. And that learning to Be Braver is how I help people realise that. To enable as many people as I can to be empowered to live a bolder, braver, happier life.  To dream, to believe, to act, to fail, to carry on, to achieve, to learn, to change and to grow. 

The Clients I work with, learn, change and grow by understanding how to Be Braver, on their terms. Many are already high acheivers that understand Growth is a never ending journey of self development and learning. Others might be more timid and need a bit of guidance to release their inner power.

Be Braver, and I know can accomplish anything you put your mind too. I've studied, read, qualified and observed a lot in my yet to be disclosed number of years. And as much as I wish when I wear my Black Widow outfit with my son dressed as Black Panther, that we were both super heroes. I know that they aren't real. But I also know we both have talents, power and awesomeness in abundance. If you want more in your life, personal or professional, or want your teams to be motivated, confident, hungry and creative - you can change it. If you aren't the leader yet you know you should be, Be Braver and you will be.

We all know that the lottery win is probably unlikely and we only get one shot at life. We are all just ordinary people, yet we are each capable of extra ordinary things. Capable of achieving big audacious hairy goals, capable of making a little small change in thinking that can transform how we experience and feel about life.

Be Braver, which consists of 8 magic ingredients to accomplish your goals, is at the beginning of its own brave journey. It has taken a lot of strength and courage to brave it alone in the world, a lot of self belief and newly found confidence to believe in myself, and a lot of energy and time invested. To leave the comfort of beings surrounded by talented individuals, of a monthly regular pay check and be resolute to the barrage of 'is it sensible as a single mum to leave a salary'. But in the end Be Braver is about stretching out from that infamous zone of comfort. It is about having courage, recognising risks and fears but, choosing to act in spite of those things.

Most importantly, its about a passion, a vision and a sense of purpose that for me is driven from the heart and guided by the head. Its about confidence and self belief. Two things I've lacked my entire life.

I have huge ambitions, dreams and goals for Be Braver - all centred around you, around us, around my Clients and my future Clients.

Like many first time bloggers this publish has been a brave act in itself...why would anyone want to read it, will anyone want to read it, what if 'he' reads it and thinks I sound ridiculous, what might 'they' think. But in the end, I'm on a mission and can't let fear get in my way. The transformation I have been on in my own life is honestly remarkable, credit here to my own amazing coach. So if I risk looking stupid to a few judgemental people from my past, that probably aren't in my life any longer for good reason, then so be it. 

Thing is, YOU are the people I want to work with - so if this resonates with you, you understand about growth potential individually or commercially, and you want some of what I've found - come and get it. Its waiting for you and its all yours. You can't ever know what the power and confidence of a braver you might bring you if you never give it its very best chance.

I changed my name to Pankhurst after Emmeline Pankhurst. I wanted to reclaim my identity for myself. I wanted to be inspired by what I stood for and who I am. Though I've a long way to go in getting anywhere near the impact that Emmeline, and her legacy that Helen now carries on in the world, has had. But I'm making inroads to be my own hero. I've set up the business I always dreamed of, I'm able to say confidently I know I'm an exceptionally good coach, I'm making the difference in peoples life my old life wasn't allowing me to do. I found my wings, now its all about strengthening their power.

So whether you need to find yours, or you want to increase your power - give me a call and lets get started.