The Brave and Poetic Voice of GM4Women2028

The launch of GM4Women2028 was always going to be exciting, but it became especially so for Be Braver after putting out a request in my usual overly excited and running at full speed fashion on twitter.

I felt a poem brewing somewhere out there, that the campaign launch needed some poignant and inspiring words in the form of poetry, so put a shout out to see if one was indeed there.

Poetic in so many ways, it resulted in Hayley Lever being bold and brave, pushing herself way out of her comfort zone, motivated by the clarity of a values aligned cause, and writing a poem for GM4Women2028. Her first in the public realm.

After some discussion, encouragement, reassurance and a few shifts in language away from nerves to excitement, from brave to not perfect not only did it result in an AMAZING poem - it also resulted in Hayley standing on a soapbox complete with a megaphone reading her piece to a crowd, all within 24hours of contemplating the idea.

As most Clients will report having faced a fear with clarity, courage and confidence - the results are often delightfully surprising. In Hayley’s case it spurred her on, knowing that there is an audience that loves her voice and wants to hear more ……and within a day she’d written another.

Called…..’On Being Brave’

Never did I ever imagine Be Braver would inspire a poem that so articulately communicates the very thing it stands for.

See what you think…..On Being Brave, by Hayley Lever

A beautiful example of how we can create opportunities to #liftup each other so we can all collectively #riseup