Private Coaching for
Personal Growth

Transformational coaching empowering you to Be Braver and achieve the seemingly impossible

Clarity. Confidence. Courage

Within the framework of Be Braver we offer a tailored coaching one to one approach which will challenge and inspire you to learn, change and grow. 

If you knew that by working to Be Braver, you could affect the change in your life you wish for, what would you really hope for? What would a more fearless you look like, if you invested honestly and openly in a space just for your own personal development, free to tap in to the truth of who you are. Imagine!

By creating a spaces for you to work through fears and falls so you can be brave in the big world Be Braver coaching enables you to reach your full potential with a unique bespoke programme of attitudes, behaviours and mindsets designed around you.

Some of the areas that coaching with Be Braver might be relevant for you to help you grow further might be:-

Realise your inner hero. Be Braver.


  • Confidence

  • Career change

  • Empowerment

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Health and well being


  • Work / life balance

  • Career break return to work

  • Purpose and motivation

  • Becoming unstuck

Working on the strong foundations from those times when you have already been brave, working through our approach to Be Braver, you will realise your capacity to be extra ordinary. To find your wings and be your own hero.  We will work in a deep, empowering, uplifting and challenging way to shine a light on the blockers that are holding you back and raise a mirror to your immense existing powers. 

There is always room for growth, there is always space to Be Braver. And we are on a mission to enable as many women as possible to rise up and Be Braver.