be your

own hero

Clarity. Confidence. Courage.

Enabling individuals to learn how live and lead courageously.
Creating spaces for teams to work through fears and falls to be brave in the big world.
Find Clarity. Know Confidence. Choose Courage. Be Your Own HERo
— Caroline Pankhurst, Founder
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Why Be Braver?

The only constant is change. Change requires we are able to adapt, be resilient, learn and grow. To have the courage to embrace the unknown. That often means dealing with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.

The Be Braver programme and one to coaching equips individuals and leaders with the resources and tools to embrace the challenges, opportunity and adversity that comes with growth and change.

This level of vulnerability with the myriad of life pressures of which there are too many to mention here lead to stress, anxiety, fear, procrastination. Risk avoidance, inertia, frustration. Creativity and innovation suffer. Our mental health and personal well being can too.

We create Be Braver practitioners able to realise more of what gives value and meaning to every aspect of personal and professional lives. From relationships and family to goals and ambitions. We creates ideas, purpose, drive, energy and passion. We create change-makers.

Braver leadership

makes for better business

achieve the seemingly impossible. learn to be braver

Ready to realise your true potential and effect change in your personal and professional life? The Be Braver coaching programme will arm you with all the clarity, tools and self knowledge you need to rise up and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Discover how to improve performance, deliver results and achieve ambitions for leaders, teams and individuals. Realise the benefits of growth by learning to Be Braver



Be Braver Collective

A growing community of Be Braver practitioners there to support and recognise each other as hard working every day HERoes.

We co-create, inspire, laugh, have fun, share, explore, question, challenge and expand our network, in own time as and when it suits us. We do a lot - but thats because we are HERoes.

We #liftup so we #riseup

Braver Collaborations

Our commitment to collaborations with change makers has started off in 2019 with partnership with GM4Women2028.

Our Be Braver Collective, of brave, audacious women, networking, inspiring are among some of the first people to join and pledging their support to this exciting new initiative for Greater Manchester.

Find out here how Clarity, Confidence and Courage and make you a change maker for gender equality.

Create a positive impact on the world. Think big, empower, challenge, share, build, create.