Be Vocal

I had a series of coaching sessions with Caroline and I can't speak highly enough of the experience. Not only did she help me to find the time and head space to explore my thoughts but she also helped me to deconstruct my insecurities and regain confidence. Caroline can be a bit of a contradiction; she works at an incredible pace, is creative, energetic and very passionate but then there's also this really calm side to her personality, which allows her to be the patient, empathetic listener and appraiser. I have huge admiration for Caroline and would highly recommend her as a coach; be warned though, she WILL get inside your head and unlock all the things in your brain that you've been trying to hide from!

Catherine Trotter, Technology Director, MoneySupermarket


‘‘You get a positive vibe from the beginning of working with Caroline as a coach which allows you to feel motivated and energized through the whole process. The coaching journey has enabled me to discover an inspiration leadership style which is sync with my values and personality. And one that means I am able to be sure who I am in all aspects of my life”

Maria Freyermuth, Reachcore, Mexico


‘What to say about the hurricane that is Caroline? She’s ballsy, sassy and full of energy but on the flip side is oftentimes measured, thoughtful and very grounded in her value system and personal brand. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline as a trainer, coach, speaker and all round professional”

Nicky Murphy, Group CEO River Group, London


‘‘Caroline is a great blend of the serious and professional with the fun and the ability to not take life too seriously when it counts. Commercially focused and target driven, she can build success for both brands and individuals she relishes the chance to support and service”

Fiona Proudler, CEO AmazeRealise


‘‘What to say about Caroline? “Wow” could sum it up nicely. If you want to step up and let go of your limiting beliefs, Caroline is the woman to help you. As a coach she is able to read above, below and between the lines to dig deeper and offer a perspective that both encourages and challenges.‘’

Charlotte Butler, Marketing Consultant, London